About Us

Yang Yang is the gathering of a collection of Chinese cookies and pastries, with some traditional recipes from the Yeo (pronounced as ‘Yang’ in mandarin) family passed down through the generations. A home-grown Singapore brand, the Yang Yang Cookies’ kitchen is currently helmed by our Auntie Yeo, who oversees the baking of every single cookie and cake.

We only sell during the Chinese New Year season. The rest of the year, we supply cookies and pastries to hotels, bakeries and other brands (i.e. OEM).

Halal Certified, our traditional savoury and sweet pastries are brightly dressed in classy packaging, making them the perfect gifts for families, friends and for businesses during the festive season.

Top 3 reasons why you should pick Yang Yang:

Tested, proven, authentic:
Made from family recipes passed down for more than 50 years, each pastry has come a long way. To ensure that you get an authentic, traditional goodness and taste.
Good on the inside, and outside too:
The best of both worlds! The attractive packaging makes it more presentable when your loved ones receive or display it in their homes. And the joy continues when they open it, as Yang Yang pastries parallel the home-made versions in terms of quality and taste. Less sweet is the way to go!
Quality ingredients used:
The products are made with all natural ingredients, and no preservatives are included.
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